From My OBAA-SIMA Sista

Below, is a poem written by my one of my sista’s from Obaa-Sima.  Obaa-Sima means Ideal Woman in Ghanaian.  In 2007, several of us from the community formed the African Dance Group and would meet 3-4 times a week to dance, fellowship and mentor the young ladies in our community.  Although Obaa-Sima meetings have been postponed for awhile, we still gather occasionally to catch-up.  Our Mission is as followed:

Our Mission

We will teach and empower young ladies from within to build a voice for society and community; We will foster trust creating an atmosphere where anyone will feel safe to speak freely;  We will help to build self-esteem never being ashamed of our intelligence, our beauty, our creativity, and several abilities;  We will maintain our culture in pride and dignity;  We will learn from where we’ve come, grow and evolve from there, appreciate our natural beauty and be confident in the way that the creator has made us;  We will teach and uphold respect for self and others, respect for the elderly, for other viewpoints, for property and respect for authority;  We will make our love for God, self, family and community be the foundational driving force in our purpose having sisterhood as our union.

One of our activities was to pick a name out of a hat and write something positive about that person.  This is what she wrote about me.


This is a young lady with so much vibe and zest for life.

Her smile has the ability to quiet a room in anticipation of what

she is about to say,

i do not recall the moment that i met ms. LaKenya, but i was drawn to

to her warmth and compassion.  she is a dedicated spirit and a team leader.

her vision for her own life is to say, the least and that is putting it mildly; she has two offspring to carry on her legacy.

i have never heard the name Lakenya before

and if i had to put a name to the face, i would have guessed that she was an exotic


No doubt i believe in the power of spirit, and the destiny of this woman has only just begun…

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